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Vishu, Ugadi, Tamil New year on April 11, 2015

With Swami Ayyappa's blessings, Ayyappa Samaaj is organizing a wonderful event on April 11, 2015.
We invite all to participate in the Vishu-Ugadi-Tamil New Year event, to be held at the Sanatan Dharma Kendra, 193 Commercial St., Sunnyvale. As in years past, we will have an afternoon devoted to showcasing the talents of our Bay Area artists. We encourage all to participate in this fantastic event where the community comes together to celebrate Vishu/Ugadi/Tamil New Year and more!


Please access http://bit.ly/vishu2015 to RSVP. Also, use the "Register" and "Buy Tickets" links to register for cultural program and contribute to the event.  All proceeds will go to Sanatan Dharma Kendra, who had been serving the community for the past 10 years. Let us all get together to make this event a GRAND SUCCESS!

Ayyappa Abhisheka/Bhajan: Saturdays at 4 PM

At the permanent shrine for Swami Ayyappa at the SVCC Temple, Fremont, weekly abhishekam for Swami Ayyappa has commenced.

Weekly, on Saturdays at 4 PM, abhishekam for Sri Dharma Shastha will be held. Event will start with Sharana ghoshams at sharp 4 PM, followed by bhajan, abhishekam, alankaram, archana and maha-prasadam. For sponsoring, please mailto:ayyappasamaaj@gmail.com 

On the third Saturday of the month, this abhishekam will be preceded by bhajan, starting at 4 PM. Please add this event to your calendar and make it a point to attend. Swami Saranam!!

4/19: Special Bhajan and Farewell for Sundar & Family

The bhajan on April 19th was a very special one. As Sundar and family are relocating to India, this bhajan session was lead by Sundar with accompaniments day. Videos from this bhajan have been uploaded to the Ayyappa Samaaj Facebook page. Sundar and family have been with Ayyappa Samaaj from its beginning and have been dedicated volunteers. Let us all pray for Swami Ayyappa's blessings for Sundar and family.

Swami Saranam!! 

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